Special Projects


HUH is an evolving global experiment that brings creatives together from different parts of the world for collaborations that reflect how their cities are feeling. HUH features a mix of exclusive original and curated content, and will have two primary features.

Two diverse creators from different cities around the globe are paired together to produce original content exclusively for HUH. Each collaborator pair chooses to explore a MOOD that they feel is shared between their respective cities. Their creative output is meant to evoke or represent the chosen mood. Pictured below is Luna Li and Rosanna Peng who collaborated on HUH 001: Ethereal. 

The second part of the experiment is City Curators. Creatives and tastemakers highlighting the people, places, and things that set the mood for their cities. Visitors to HUH can travel virtually to other parts of the world and explore the sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of global cities through the lens of the people who know best. Take a look at Beirut city curator Malak Mroueh’s curations for feeling LOST in Beirut. 

To see more COLLABORATIONS and CITY CURATIONS visit planethuh.com

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