Special Projects


When the pandemic arrived and put a temporary, but seemingly indefinite halt on live events, we embarked on a design journey to come up with as many seedlings of ideas as possible so Somewherelse could continue to do what our team cares about: enable creativity, collaboration, and collective experiences.

Out of this design process, we designed Planet HUH. It’s a platform where creators from around the globe are paired to collaborate on a work or an experience, themed after a mood. We also invite creators, artists and community leaders from around the world to share sights, sounds, and tastes from their cities.

It’s an experiment in emotional connectivity. As humans, we’re all sharing a moment together. As creators, physical boundaries seem obsolete. HUH holds more questions than answers. It’s evolving and imperfect, but we hope even in its earliest iteration, HUH is a portal to a new world for you and takes you somewhere else.

So far HUH has created collaborations between creatives in Africa, Asia, Europe, and hubs throughout North America. Afriquette, Screen Shot Media, Wallpaper Mag, KALTBLUT, and more. 

To see more COLLABORATIONS and CITY CURATIONS visit planethuh.com