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“Did It Again” is tight, compact, and downright crazy-catchy.


PONY has been on Somewherelse's radar ever since we first booked them to open a Red Bull event in 2017. But it was their debut full-length, TV Baby, released during the pandemic in 2021 that really demonstrated that they were ready to emerge from the local Toronto scene and soar to greater international heights. Fast forward to Summer 2022, where PONY has new music (their best yet) and a new management agreement - with yours truly

"TV Baby", the debut LP from Toronto power-pop act PONY, is an album dedicated to the indoor cats, the introverts, and those who value their independence above anything else. Driven by vocalist/guitarist Sam Bielanski’s sharp vocal tones, fuzzy guitars, and flashy, driving rhythm, the band combines cheeky 1980s style with 1990s self-reliance and modern production sheen for an experience caught between worlds. It’s hooky and vibrant, but don’t mistake exuberance for extroversion.

Bielanski, along with close friends Matty Morand (Pretty Matty) and Lucas Horne, have taken a piecemeal approach to worldbuilding here. They’ll take you to the band computer, where Sam’s frantically typing symptoms into a search bar into “WebMD,” where body horror meets sugar-rushed guitars.

Next comes a thorny survey of the “Furniture,” fuzzy and scuff-marked, before letting you crash on the “Couch,” a pop-punk ode to discovering new parts of yourself while the world rolls past. When others are present in this internal monologue, like those hurt and driven to “Cry,” they’re greeted with the same maximalist pop-rock. In PONY’s gig economy, riffs beat out the rearview mirror. Saddle up alongside them and your joyride is guaranteed.



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